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How do I drop domestic violence charges in Massachusetts?

Domestic violence cases are treated differently from most other criminal cases in Massachusetts. Having started my career as a prosecutor in …

Answered by David R. Yannetti, 3 days ago

Do I need a Massachusetts personal injury attorney to handle my car accident case?

Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate fact of our modern lives. Statistics say that someone in the United States is involved in a motor vehicle …

Answered by Leonard L. Spada, 1 week ago

How can a doctor or medical practice in New York find themselves the focus of a health care fraud or overbilling investigation, when they think they followed the rules correctly?

Health care providers can become the subject of a health care fraud or overbilling investigation in several ways, including: (1) billing CPT codes …

Answered by Aaron Mysliwiec, 4 weeks ago

In California, do I have to be paid for all the time I spend at work?

A: If you are an employee in California, you are entitled to be paid in full, and on time, for all the work you do and all the time that you …

Answered by Donn Taketa, 1 month ago

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