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Recently Answered

Can I Sue My Business Partner for Breach of Contract in New York?

Yes, you can sue a business partner for breach of contract if they have violated the terms of a legally enforceable contract, such as a partnership …

Answered by John S. Peterson, 4 days ago

Do I Need an Attorney for Custody Agreements in New York?

Legally, reaching a custody agreement does not require the assistance of a lawyer, and it is possible to do it without one. However, creating a …

Answered by Debra E. Guston, 4 days ago

Will I Lose My Property When Filing for Bankruptcy in Tennessee?

There are exemptions for people filing the most common forms of bankruptcy protection (Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy) that may allow you to …

Answered by Steven L. Lefkovitz, 4 days ago

In Colorado, What Can I Do About Defective Work From a Contractor?

When disputes arise over the quality of construction work, there are numerous ways that you can choose to resolve the problem. What you actually end …

Answered by Donald C. Eby, 4 days ago

Can I Sue My Business Partner in Virginia?

A solid business partnership requires trust and watching out for shared interests. When it’s going smoothly, a great partnership makes …

Answered by Jordan S. Jackson, 4 days ago

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