What Is Extreme/Super Extreme DUI in Arizona?

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Technically, these are still misdemeanors. The penalties, however, include more jail time, higher fees and increased ignition interlock device (IID) requirements. Extreme DUI is when your blood alcohol content (BAC) is .15 or above. A Super Extreme DUI charge is possible if you BAC is .20 or above.

The penalties for DUI in Arizona are in part dependent on BAC, so it is crucial to ensure that the reading was accurate. There are three main levels:

.08 - .149, if a first offense, carries a minimum of one day in jail, $250 in fines, license suspension of at least 90 days and IID requirement.

.15 - .199 (Extreme DUI) the penalties jump to a minimum of 30 days in jail, double the fines and longer license suspension and IID requirement. An added penalty is 30-day vehicle impoundment with added fees to get it back.

.20 and over (Super Extreme DUI) carries a minimum 45 days in jail, nearly triple the fines as well as even longer license suspension, IID requirement and impoundment.

Then there are four main categories of felony level DUI charges. These are repeat offenses (a third offense in 84 months), a DUI stop while driving on a suspended license, a child under age 15 in the vehicle and failure to install an IID as required.

How do you fight a DUI charge? It is often hard to tell at the beginning, and the strategy will vary based on the unique set of facts in your case.

Reduced or Dismissed?

A DUI case may progress a little like a “choose your own adventure” story. We will not know what defenses are available until we start investigating. Irregularities with a blood draw might allow us to challenge evidence with a motion to suppress evidence that ultimately leads to the case being dismissed. Arguments might exist to reduce a DUI charge when BAC is .155 near the borderline.

The doors/path that open to reach the best resolution will differ. Options exist, but it requires a knowledgeable eye to identify them.


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