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What Brain Injury Symptoms Are Common In New York And Throughout The World?

A traumatic brain injury can result in numerous symptoms ranging from blurred vision to personality changes to impaired cognitive function. Depending …

Answered by Andrew L. Weitz

What happens in New York after a brain injury is suffered in an accident?

According to the U.S. Department of Health, traumatic brain injuries (TBI) contribute to a large number of deaths and cases of permanent disability …

Answered by Steven Schiesel

How Can I Maximize My Compensation After A Brain Injury Accident In California?

Get Appropriate Medical TreatmentThe first important step after a serious head injury is to get prompt and appropriate medical treatment – not …

Answered by Matthew D. Easton

What damages are available in California brain injury cases?

Traumatic brain injuries are among the most severe, life-altering transformations anyone could undergo. They can leave victims with completely …

Answered by Stephen C. Ball

What types of accidents in Texas typically cause a brain injury?

Brain injuries do not only happen in car and truck accidents. They can also happen in slip and fall accidents in a store, restaurant or public place …

Answered by Robert C. Hilliard

How to choose the best lawyer to handle a traumatic brain injury case in New York?

At, we would like to share a few simple “do’s and don’ts” to apply when selecting a lawyer to represent you …

Answered by Andrew W. Siegel

When hiring a traumatic brain injury lawyer in New York, should you ask the lawyer about his results in prior TBI cases he has handled?

Yes. This is one of the most important questions you can ask. These are some of the case results for attorney Andy Siegel in traumatic brain injury …

Answered by Andrew W. Siegel

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