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How Can I Avoid Litigation In My California Business, And What Do I Do When I’ve Been Sued?

As a California business owner, whether you run a large business or a small “mom-and-pop” establishment, disputes are …

Answered by Steve Coopersmith

What Can I Do If I Have A Dispute About The Purchase Or Sale Of A California Business?

Disputes arising from the purchase or sale of a business are common, but can often be resolved quickly with the guidance of dependable legal …

Answered by Steve Coopersmith

What Duties and Responsibilities Do Shareholders Owe in Minnesota Closely Held Companies?

What is a closely held corporation under Minnesota law? A closely held corporation under Minnesota law is defined as a corporation with 35 or fewer …

Answered by Bryan R. Battina

I just received a letter from a lawyer who told me that her client is considering suing my company in Virginia and that I must put a “litigation hold” on our records. What does that mean?

If you receive notice that you or your company may have evidence that might be relevant in a lawsuit against you, you must take reasonable steps to …

Answered by Mark E. Sharp

How do I handle a dispute with a business partner in New Jersey?

Handling a dispute with a business partner can be extremely challenging. The best way to approach it, if the partners cannot work out the …

Answered by John A. Schepisi

Can I sue my business partner in South Carolina?

In South Carolina as in most states, there are many different types of business arrangements. Understanding what kind of business relationship …

Answered by Christy Ford Allen

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