I Think My California Lawyer Committed Malpractice. What Can I Do About It?

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Most attorneys care about their clients and diligently pursue their matters. Unfortunately, even careful attorneys sometimes make mistakes that have devastating consequences. There are also dishonest lawyers who prey on clients by overbilling them and then demanding payment for unreasonable bills.

Attorney mistakes can cause clients to lose lawsuits. Litigation and trial malpractice occur when attorneys are incompetent to handle a matter, are too overworked to adequately prepare for trial or miss key deadlines.

Attorney errors can result in botched business transactions. When lawyers fail to include key provisions in transaction documents or overlook key business points that should have been considered before the transaction was closed, clients can suffer significant losses. Attorney mistakes can cause clients to lose inheritances and be subject to tax audits that can trigger unexpected litigation. Sometimes an attorney’s failure to warn a client of a known risk can wreak havoc on the client’s life.

If your lawyer makes a mistake in your matter, you can sue the lawyer for malpractice. Generally, clients should file legal malpractice lawsuits within one year of the date when the attorney-client relationship ended, or the claim can be barred.

Attorneys who are being sued are formidable adversaries. Clients need the best representation possible when taking on an angry lawyer. Klein & Wilson makes sure its clients are professionally represented in malpractice and overbilling cases. In certain cases where damages are over $2 million, Klein & Wilson will consider partial contingency fee arrangements. Klein & Wilson has significant experience in handling legal malpractice cases. If you have a legal malpractice or overbilling question, call Klein & Wilson at 949-478-0521 and ask for Mark Wilson.

Disclaimer: The answer is intended to be for informational purposes only. It should not be relied on as legal advice, nor construed as a form of attorney-client relationship.

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