What Should I Do If My Neighbor Sets Up A Sober Living Home In My California Neighborhood?

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Sober living homes have become a troublesome epidemic in much of the United States, especially in California. While some of these homes are well-run and arguably provide benefits to patients, many are scams designed to cheat insurance companies and the government.

A troublesome sober living home can be particularly disturbing to homeowners and families who live nearby. One such victim said at his deposition he felt he was living next to a never-ending fraternity party. There are numerous and complicated laws governing these businesses. While the law is still evolving, nuisance laws can still be used effectively to control the problems these homes create. Moreover, homeowners associations (HOA) that fail to act against unruly sober living homes face potential liability depending on the terms of the covenants, conditions and restrictions that the HOA must enforce. 

If you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of living next to a sober living home, you need legal representation as soon as possible. Klein & Wilson has significant experience handling these disputes. If you live near a sober living home and have questions, call Klein & Wilson at 949-478-0521 and ask for Gerald Klein.


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