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Are mothers always awarded custody in New York?

While the answer may previously have been yes in many cases, now the answer is no.What Has ChangedIn the past, the presumption used to be that the …

Answered by Joan Iacono

What factors impact my ability to obtain custody and parenting time in Arizona?

The term “custody” is often confusing. Many people think that it means who gets the children most of the time. The term custody in …

Answered by William D. Bishop

What Factors Do Illinois Family Courts Take Into Consideration When Making Child Custody Determinations?

In Illinois, matters related to child custody and visitation are referenced using the term parental responsibility, which encompasses issues related …

Answered by Dion U. Davi

Do mothers always get custody of their children in North Carolina?

No, mothers do not always get custody of their children in North Carolina. In North Carolina, the law says that the judge must decide child custody …

Answered by Angela W. McIlveen

How can I modify my visitation order in Illinois?

Once you have obtained a court-ordered visitation schedule, any modifications to the arrangement should generally only be made by a judge. This is …

Answered by Jeffery M. Leving

How can I get joint custody of my child in Illinois?

In most situations, Illinois courts favor parents working out some form of joint custody arrangement with their children.  Additionally, …

Answered by Jeffery M. Leving

How do I get a visitation order in Illinois?

Obtaining a court-ordered visitation schedule in Illinois is critically important to protect your rights to see your children. Without a court order …

Answered by Jeffery M. Leving

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