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Can I Get Power of Attorney in California For My Parents If They Can’t Make Decisions?

The simple answer is no. If California, your parents can name you as their Agent under a Power of Attorney, but you cannot get it unless they give it …

Answered by Sibylle Grebe

Can I sue for elder financial abuse in California?

Suing for financial elder abuse requires first that the claimant is in a legal position to make a claim — he or she must have standing to sue. An …

Answered by Kimberly D. Neilson

What if I suspect elder financial abuse is occurring in California?

You should report it to local agencies tasked with protecting seniors, including but not limited to local law enforcement and Adult Protective …

Answered by Kimberly D. Neilson

What Constitutes Undue Influence in California?

How do older adults in California make decisions about important financial issues and healthcare matters? And when should we worry that they may have …

Answered by Jeffrey Forer

Has Someone You Know in California Been a Victim of Elder Abuse?

When you have an elderly loved one who cannot live on his or her own any longer, it can be frustrating to question whether they’re receiving proper …

Answered by Jeffrey Forer

Can I sue for will or trust fraud in California?

Yes. In California, there are several types of will and trust fraud. One common type of trust fraud involves a situation where the trustee engages in …

Answered by Joel R. Bryant

How do I file a Complaint against a nursing home in California?

There are several types of complaint you should consider filing, and I will discuss each in turn.In California, most nursing homes are regulated by …

Answered by Joel R. Bryant

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