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Is My New York Employer Paying Me Correctly?

First, it is important to determine if you are entitled to overtime and review the number of hours you work in a regular workweek. Second, look at …

Answered by Louis D. Stober, Jr.

Do I need an Employment Lawyer in New York?

Most people think to consult a lawyer when something goes wrong; however, lawyers can play an important role in preparing you for many different …

Answered by Joseph A. Fitapelli

When can an employee assert a legal claim that s/he was sexually harassed in the workplace in New York?

As a preliminary matter, if you work for a company with at least fifteen employees you may have a legal claim under the Federal discrimination law, …

Answered by William H. Kaiser

When can I sue my employer for breach of contract in New York?

Most employment relationships are what the law calls “At Will.” This means you as an employee can be fired for good reasons, bad reasons, or no …

Answered by Daniel J. Kaiser

Are noncompete or nonsolicit agreements enforceable in New York?

New York's highest court has held that an employer can enforce noncompete agreements only where it can satisfy one of two elements: (1) Was the …

Answered by Henry L. Saurborn, Jr.

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