How do I sue for a car accident injury in Kentucky?

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The first step is making sure you have legal representation you can rely on every step of the process.

After suffering an injury in a car accident in Kentucky, it is in your best interest to seek the advice of an experienced personal injury lawyer. The insurance companies will go to great lengths to avoid providing the compensation you deserve for your damages, and they’ll have a team of lawyers doing their bidding. You need a legal professional you can trust who will look out for what’s best for you and your family during this trying time.

It’s crucial to contact an attorney as soon as possible before you speak with the insurance adjuster. Even your own insurance company will focus more on their bottom line than your recovery. This isn’t because they are bad people; it’s because insurance companies only make profits by denying financial compensation for their policyholder’s medical expenses and other damages. They’ll go to lengths such as recording your phone conversations and try using your own words as evidence to support denying your valid insurance claim.

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Your Personal Injury Attorney

As for the actual personal injury lawsuit, you can leave the mechanics of that up to your lawyer. They will work on gathering facts and evidence that support your pursuit of full financial compensation for damages such as medical bills, pain and suffering, lost earnings, property damage, and more. They will present that case to the insurance company seeking a settlement that provides you with the compensation you need now and in the future for your injury-related damages.

Most personal injury lawsuits settle before going to trial. However, going to trial is the next step in situations where the insurance company is being unreasonable in refusing to settle a case for what it’s worth. You only get “one bit at the apple” in personal injury lawsuits, so it’s crucial to make sure your case is in the hands of a proven Kentucky personal injury attorney.

The Bottom Line

Kentucky law entitles car accident injury victims to compensation for past and future medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and impairment of their ability to earn money in the future. This is the legal system’s way of making things right, and an experienced personal injury attorney can help you get the outcome you deserve.

Speaking of bottom line, your initial consultation will be free, and you will owe no attorney fees until your case results in a settlement or jury award. You have nothing to lose and much to gain by seeking the advice of a knowledgeable lawyer during this difficult time.

Disclaimer: The answer is intended to be for informational purposes only. It should not be relied on as legal advice, nor construed as a form of attorney-client relationship.

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