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If I have been injured in an offshore vessel or platform accident in Louisiana, who can I sue for my losses?

Offshore drilling and production jobs demand physical labor and long shifts around fast-moving equipment, creating a sometimes dangerous work …

Answered by James P. Roy

What can I do if a Louisiana employer does not pay me overtime or my vacation pay?

Under a federal law called the Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA"), an employer is obligated to pay (a) at least minimum wage for all hours …

Answered by Christopher L. Williams

Do I need a Louisiana attorney if I'm hurt in a trucking accident?

Due to their size and speed, trucks cause the most devastating accidents on the road. Whether the cause is poor road conditions, speeding or pure …

Answered by Joseph F. Gaar, Jr.

Do I need a Louisiana attorney if I'm hurt working offshore?

If you are hurt working offshore, either on an oil platform, jack up drilling rig, crew boat, barge, or other type of specialty vessel or structure, …

Answered by Joseph F. Gaar, Jr.

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