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How do I appeal my property taxes in New Jersey?

We can help you with this question.  Please visit our website at, or call us at 201-977-1960.We have offices in Bergen and …

Answered by Marc A. Raso

Can I bring a wage & hour class action in New Jersey?

In many cases, large numbers of workers in similar roles are denied proper wages by their employer. Class actions allow groups of workers with …

Answered by Kevin M. Costello

Can I sue for sexual harassment in New Jersey?

Yes, you can. You are not expected to put up with sexual harassment in the workplace. Sexual harassment has no place in our culture. It is not …

Answered by Kevin M. Costello

Can I sue for school bullying in New Jersey?

Yes, you can, although the type of lawsuit depends greatly upon the type of bullying a student is suffering. When a student is harassed and …

Answered by Kevin M. Costello

How do I get divorced in New Jersey?

The first step in the process is hiring a law firm that has attorneys experienced in family law. Whether or not you have children, …

Answered by Silvana Raso

How do I find a New Jersey Injury or Accident Lawyer?

While New Jersey does not allow lawyers to call themselves specialists, there are some credentials and qualifications you should look for when hiring …

Answered by Garry R. Salomon

How is alimony determined in New Jersey?

            Alimony, or spousal support, is paid from one spouse to the other following a …

Answered by Michele Crupi

How do I handle a dispute with a business partner in New Jersey?

Handling a dispute with a business partner can be extremely challenging. The best way to approach it, if the partners cannot work out the …

Answered by John A. Schepisi

What Should You Do If You Just Received An Ethics Or Licensing Board Complaint In The State Of New Jersey ?

Unfortunately, you are the subject of an ethics grievance. It is upsetting, but most often can be effectively defended. Two key points: 1) Do …

Answered by Scott B. Piekarsky

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