What Should You Do If You Just Received An Ethics Or Licensing Board Complaint In The State Of New Jersey ?

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Unfortunately, you are the subject of an ethics grievance. It is upsetting, but most often can be effectively defended. Two key points: 1) Do something about it other than procrastinating and 2) Hire someone with experience to assist you. It is rather true that a lawyer who represents himself or herself has a fool for a client. This is no time to get thrifty.

It is important to act quickly. It is just as important to get someone with experience to defend you -- not just any attorney, but an attorney with experience in handling ethics defense.

In preparation for your meeting with counsel, prepare a confidential memo setting forth all of the pertinent facts of what lead up to the grievance along with full documentation. Identify helpful witnesses, but do not contact them until you discuss with counsel.

These are the most important principles and steps for you to initially take. If you want to know more about the attorney ethics process in New Jersey, review my related video on YouTube.

Good luck to you and feel free to call me to discuss.



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