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What Are The Penalties For Drug Trafficking In North Carolina?

There is no single penalty given to everyone charged with selling illegal drugs in North Carolina. There are many factors that go into determining …

Answered by Christian E. Dysart

What Are The Common Defenses To Child Pornography Or Sex Crime Charges In North Carolina?

The goal of our investigation is always to secure a dismissal of the charges, or a not guilty verdict. This typically requires an inquiry into the …

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How Is Federal Court Different From North Carolina Court And Why Am I Here?

In many respects, state and federal courts are completely different. The systems are separate. While it is rare, it is possible for one criminal …

Answered by Christian E. Dysart

Can I be kicked out of college if I’m convicted of a crime in North Carolina?

Student disciplinary actions vary widely from one school to the next. Each has its own student code of conduct. Each has its own process for handling …

Answered by Christian E. Dysart

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