What can I do if I think my Ohio doctor should have recommended a C-section during birth?

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Complications can happen during any childbirth whether natural or via Cesarean section (C-section). Physicians in the past have provided C-sections only when medically necessary due to problems with the pregnancy. But after experiencing complications in a natural childbirth, you now wonder whether you should have had a C-section. It’s a good idea to contact an experienced medical malpractice attorney who can provide you with answers.

If an expectant mother insists on having a C-section, the doctor must either oblige or refer her to another physician who will perform the surgery. Even if this decision is against the primary doctor’s wishes, he or she has the responsibility to refer the mother for a second opinion or transfer her care to another physician.

Reasons why mothers have C-sections

Your child sustained injuries during a natural childbirth. Perhaps the baby suffered from oxygen deprivation and is now severely incapacitated, or suffered fractures to the skull, collarbone or leg when pulled out. Naturally, you suspect the results would have been different with a C-section.

A C-section is an operation in which the baby is delivered through the uterus after an incision is made in the mother’s abdomen. Typically, if a woman is unable to give birth the natural route, the C-section is the option. Many reasons exist for this type of surgery, and they include:

  • The mother has health problems
  • The pregnancy includes more than one baby
  • The baby cannot fit through the mother’s pelvis
  • The baby displays signs of oxygen deprivation before the cervix is dilated
  • The placenta is too close to the cervix
  • The mother has had a previous C-section
  • Induction of labor is unsuccessful
  • The size of the baby
  • The baby is in the breech position
  • The baby is at post-maturity

These are all the typical reasons why mothers have C-sections. And delivering a baby this way has become more commonplace, too. Still you should discuss this option with your doctor.

A thorough look in your childbirth case is necessary

Medical malpractice cases involving childbirth injuries are complex. A skilled attorney with experience in this law can provide the guidance and knowledge you need in pursuing a settlement.

A childbirth injury due to the negligence of health care professionals is a solid reason to go to court. Perhaps you followed your physician’s advice and had a natural childbirth. But if complications arose leading to childbirth injury, it only makes you wonder what would have happened if you had had a C-section.

An attorney who understands medical malpractice cases can do a thorough investigation in attempts to secure the settlement that you and your family desire.

Disclaimer: The answer is intended to be for informational purposes only. It should not be relied on as legal advice, nor construed as a form of attorney-client relationship.

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