Can I Sue A Hospital In Oklahoma?

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Yes. In Oklahoma, hospitals, and their agents and employees (doctors, nurses, nurse aides, etc.) are required to provide care and treatment that meets the standard of care. What this means is that a hospital must provide care that complies with applicable medical standards and is consistent with what a reasonable health care provider would do or not do under the same or similar circumstances. In Oklahoma, in order to prosecute a case for medical malpractice or medical negligence, a plaintiff is required to retain medical experts to review the evidence (medical records, radiology films, etc.) and render an opinion as to whether the standard of care was met in a given case. A plaintiff is also required to prove that any standard of care breach caused severe injuries and damages to a person. 

Because of these requirements, medical legal cases are very complicated civil cases. Therefore, it is important for any person who has concerns with the medical care he or she received for which he or she sustained significant injuries and/or damages, to consult with a qualified and experienced medical malpractice attorney. At Nix Law Group, we focus our practice on representing the victims of medical error and have a track record of success in these cases. For more information about our firm and medical negligence cases, please visit our website or contact our firm. 


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