What types of workers’ compensation benefits are available to me in Pennsylvania?

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With any serious injury, you are likely concerned about not just recovery, but how you will pay your bills both present and future, especially if your ability to work has been impacted. Luckily, workers’ compensation benefits are designed for just this need. These benefits can cover not only your medical bills, but both the wages you lost while recovering and the wages you could have earned in the future if your accident hadn’t happened. 

However, each type of benefit has its own requirements. A skilled attorney can help guide you through the process and your situation more specifically, but here is a general overview: 

  1. Coverage of medical bills.

This is often individuals’ first thought when it comes to workers’ compensation. Work-related injuries can be quite serious, including broken bones, permanent neck or back injury, or even amputation. 

Fortunately, workers’ comp can cover nearly any type of procedure or care that you need, as long as it stems from the injury you received at work. In order to get it covered, however, you should be sure to report the injury promptly, go to a doctor as soon as possible and comply with their recommendations exactly. If you do not follow the doctor’s instructions, the insurance company may claim that you are not as injured as you say you are. 

Medical bills for these types of severe accidents can be huge, and the stress of seeing those bills come in forces many people to go back to work sooner than they should. Do not try to go back to work. If you aren’t fully recovered, and bills are coming in, talk to your attorney. He or she may be able to speak with the health care provider and work it out so you can continue receiving care until your benefits come in. 

    2. Compensation for wages lost throughout recovery.

Ordinarily, if you get sick, you can probably use sick time to be paid while you get better. If you were injured very badly, though, your sick time will probably not be enough. Workers’ compensation can help bridge the gap. 

However, workers’ compensation doesn’t ordinarily just pay your entire salary. It depends on your injury, but it will generally pay you a portion of your wages for the time you are unable to work. Again, it is important to see a doctor and cooperate with their recommendations to ensure that you receive the right amount of compensation so you can focus on recovering. 

    3. Compensation for lost future wages.

In the case of extremely serious accidents, you may not be able to ever work at your previous level again, if at all. 

When this happens, your attorney will likely work with not just your doctor, but other experts to define what your potential future earnings could have been before the accident and what they are now. Workers’ compensation is meant to make up for that potential shift. 

Give Yourself The Best Possible Chance At Compensation 

There is no way to absolutely guarantee that you will get the compensation you need, but the best way to try is to get the help of an experienced attorney. They will be able to help you not only navigate what can be a complicated system, but ensure that you are as prepared as possible for negotiation or court.

Disclaimer: The answer is intended to be for informational purposes only. It should not be relied on as legal advice, nor construed as a form of attorney-client relationship.

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