Answers in California for Premises Liability - Plaintiff

I was bit by my neighbor’s dog in California. Do I have a case?

In order to file a lawsuit against your neighbor after a dog bite you must have sustained physical or psychological injuries. Second, you must be …

Answered by Max Draitser

I slipped and fell in a California store. What should I do?

If you slip and fall in a parking lot or grocery store, the actions you take in the moments that follow can determine the future of your claim. To …

Answered by Gerald Marcus

What Are The Top 5 Things I Can Do To Maximize My Compensation After A Slip-And-Fall Accident In California?

1. Report The Fall And Ask For An Incident ReportAfter a slip and fall on someone else’s property, it’s important that you report the accident to …

Answered by Matthew D. Easton

Which accidents fall under premises liability in California?

Premises liability is a complicated area of law that encompasses much more than just dog bites or slip-and-falls. Accidents that happen on another …

Answered by Stephen C. Ball

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