Answers in California for Sexual Abuse - Plaintiff

Can I sue a school, church, youth league, day care, or some other entity that employed the teacher, coach, priest, or employee that molested my child in California?

California allows victims of sex abuse, sex harassment, rape, or sex assault to file suit not only against the perpetrator of the crime, but also the …

Answered by David M. Ring, 2 years ago

What is the time limit for bringing a lawsuit for sex abuse or sex assault in California?

California has a complicated set of rules for the filing deadline for a child sex abuse or molestation case.  The best advice possible is for …

Answered by David M. Ring, 2 years ago

Do I need to hire a lawyer if my child was the victim of sex abuse committed by a school teacher or coach in California?

There are few things worse for a parent than learning that their child was victimized by a teacher or coach at school.  Child sex abuse is a …

Answered by David M. Ring, 2 years ago

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