Answers in California for Sexual Harassment

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What Is Sexual Harassment In California?

There are two kinds of sexual harassment in California. The first kind, is more typically known and is called …

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How do I protect myself in California if an employee sues me for sexual harassment?

The most effective defense against a sexual harassment suit is a strong arbitration clause. You need to implement …

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Can I Sue If I Was Punished For Reporting Sexual Harassment At My California Workplace?

Sexual harassment in the workplace is prohibited by California and federal law. If you have experienced harassment …

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How do I know if I have a sexual harassment case against my California employer?

It can be difficult to determine if someone is legally sexually harassing you at work. Even if you are …

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Can I Sue My Employer for Sexual Harassment in California?

In California, no employee has to tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace. It’s a violation of Title VII …

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