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How do I file for a liquor license in New York state?

The New York State Liquor Authority (SLA) is the governing body for liquor licenses in the state of New York. To get a liquor license, you will apply …

Answered by Jacob A. Piorkowski

How do I form a business in Georgia?

The first, and probably most important, consideration in business formation in our state is deciding the appropriate type of business entity for your …

Answered by Alex B. Kaufman

What are the tax benefits and personal liability issues to consider when you’re starting a business in California?

Forming a business is stressful for a lot of reasons, not least of which because the implications of the choices you make now can last as long as the …

Answered by Gregory A. Nylen

My business has been sued in California. What’s the quickest way to make the lawsuit go away?

The most important thing to do if your business has been sued is to call a lawyer promptly. You can try to resolve a situation on your own before a …

Answered by Warren Morten

Why should I separate or divide my California business assets?

The recent Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has created a connection between income tax and the segregation of business assets. Essentially, it is advantageous …

Answered by D. Michael Trainotti

What Should I Do If A California Employee Steals A Trade Secret?

For many companies, trade secrets are the most important asset of the company. Some people mistakenly believe trade secrets must be something …

Answered by Mark B. Wilson

Are ESOPs right for California breweries?

The San Diego area is renowned as the headquarters of more than 150 breweries, earning it the nickname of the “Craft Beer Capitol” of the …

Answered by Marc S. Schechter

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