How do I find the best Texas family law attorney for high-net-worth issues?

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Choosing the best family lawyer for a high-asset case in Texas (or any other state) is not as easy as it may appear. The term “family law” covers a lot of situations. It covers high-net-worth divorce, child custody, family violence, child alienation, marital abuse, fathers' rights, LGBTQIA rights... In other words, everything that happens in family life. It’s important for you to clearly understand your own goals, your legal needs and the options available to you in Texas.

Here are a few questions you may be asking as you begin your search:

Which assets are involved?

The particular assets involved in your case will determine the type of lawyer you should choose. Depending on your unique financial profile and wealth portfolio, you may need an attorney with keen insight into:

  • Business valuations 
  • Equitable division of real estate, stock options and overseas accounts
  • IRAs, 401(k)s and military retirement benefits
  • Hidden assets
  • Wills, trusts and succession planning
  • Other financial matters

How do I define my goals?

It’s critical that you know what you want. Are you primarily interested in passing along significant assets to the next generation, or keeping your business running after your divorce, or obtaining your fair share of the investment property, or something else?

Read as much as you can on websites and legal blogs about your legal rights and needs. As you read, look for a San Antonio family law firm that seems equipped to help you reach YOUR goals. 

How important is experience?

If you needed heart surgery, would you rather have a surgeon with two years of experience or two decades? The same principle applies to family law. It makes sense to choose an advocate who has seen countless cases like yours. I, Lisa Vance, have more than 38 years of legal experience, and I believe that this in-depth knowledge makes a real difference in the outcomes that I am able to achieve for my clients.

What type of service should I expect?

Expect responsive service. You should feel like your attorney is truly listening. At The Law Office of Lisa A. Vance, P.C., we believe YOU are the critical part of the team, and we treat you accordingly. Our goal is to win your legal battle while helping heal your wounds.  

Should I talk to friends and family?

Feel free to ask friends and family for recommendations (keeping in mind, of course, that their goals and needs may be different from yours). You can also find a wealth of information on a firm’s website.  Read the website carefully for its content.  It should give you an understanding of the firm’s philosophy and goals. Meet the people online with whom you would be working.

Should I look at testimonials and reviews online?

Use caution when reading online reviews, as not all are accurate. (Unfortunately, some unscrupulous people take pleasure in writing terrible reviews of individuals they’ve never met and places they’ve never visited.) For this reason, it’s wise to look at the general consensus and not worry too much about any one review.

What happens when I call or email a law firm?

At our Texas firm, your first phone or email contact will be with a Client Coordinator. They will ask a few questions and together you will decide if our firm is the right one to handle your legal problems. They will also discuss the lawyers in the firm and determine which one would be the best fit for your needs.

Do I need a face-to-face meeting?

A one-on-one consultation is an excellent way to learn whether a particular lawyer is a good fit. It probably won’t take long to determine whether you have good rapport, and whether you feel comfortable with him or her.

What should I expect from the first consultation?

The family law attorney you choose should be able to clearly explain your options. You and your attorney will develop a well-considered strategy for reaching your goals. Some firms offer a “free initial consultation,” often with a paralegal. Most people leave such consultations with very little real information. You are likely to walk out the door without a clear plan of action.

At our San Antonio firm, we do charge a fee for the initial consultation. Your meeting with a skilled lawyer will provide concrete guidance on the next steps to take. We care about sending you away with truly useful information and the confidence you need to move forward successfully.

Whatever your legal needs, when you work with us, you become the central part of a team. You can count on working with attorneys who understand the importance and urgency of your situation. We will treat you and your family with the same level of care and respect with which we treat our own families.

Disclaimer: The answer is intended to be for informational purposes only. It should not be relied on as legal advice, nor construed as a form of attorney-client relationship.

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