Answers in California for Trucking Accidents

How Can I Maximize My Compensation After A Truck Accident In California?

Get Medical Attention Right AwayTruck accidents can result in very serious injuries, particularly for occupants of passenger vehicles. Even if you …

Answered by Matthew D. Easton

What to do after a California truck accident?

The immediate aftermath of a California truck accident can be chaotic and traumatic for victims. The first thing you need to do is determine if you …

Answered by A. Ilyas Akbari

Should I hire a lawyer after a California trucking accident?

Commercial trucking accident cases are more complex than those involving motor vehicles. Hiring a lawyer is of the utmost importance when fighting …

Answered by Max Draitser

How long will my trucking accident case take in California?

Commercial trucking accident claims are generally handled the same as motor vehicle accident claims. The average motor vehicle accident claim can …

Answered by Gerald Marcus

How long after a trucking accident can I sue in California?

You typically have two years following a trucking accident to sue for personal injury or wrongful death in California. Otherwise, the court could …

Answered by Yoshiaki Kubota

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