Answers in California for Wage & Hour Laws

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Am I Entitled to Overtime Pay in California?

Any employer who is covered by California’s Labor Code Section 510 must pay overtime to eligible workers. …

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How Do I Get My Prevailing Wages Money That My California Employer Didn’t Pay?

Many construction projects in California are paid for with government funds. Such “public works” …

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What Are The Meal Period Requirements For Employees In California?

According to California law, meal breaks are dependent on what type of employee you are and how many hours you …

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Am I supposed to be treated as a contractor or an employee in California?

Your treatment as a worker in California, whether as a contractor or employee, will depend on your classification …

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California: What is Wage Theft?

In California, wage theft can arise from a variety of circumstances, including failing to pay employees the state …

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