Answers in California for Wage & Hour Laws

In California, do I have to be paid for all the time I spend at work?

A: If you are an employee in California, you are entitled to be paid in full, and on time, for all the work you do and all the time that you …

Answered by Donn Taketa, 3 months ago

What Is the Law on Prevailing Wages in California?

What is the Prevailing Wage? The prevailing wage is a base reimburse rate, time-honored by the State and Federal law to make sure that all …

Answered by Scott Miller, 3 years ago

Can I sue my employer in California for making me answer company emails after hours or on weekends?

The answer is yes (at least in most instances). As an employee, your employer effectively has the power to make you work whenever it feels like …

Answered by Louis Benowitz, 4 years ago

Can my employer in California take money from my paycheck if a customer does a "dine and dash"?

If are an hourly restaurant worker in California, and a patron does a "dine and dash," your employer still cannot take money from your …

Answered by Louis Benowitz, 4 years ago

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