Answers in California for Workers' Compensation

If I’m an undocumented worker, can I still file for workers’ compensation in California?

In California, as in many states, undocumented workers are provided for in the event of a workplace accident. California Labor Code section 3351(a) …

Answered by Russell L. Glauber

How Do I Get Treatment After A California Work Injury When Medical Requests Are Denied?

Medical request denial after a work accident can leave you feeling hopeless and desperate. When it seems obvious that workers’ compensation should …

Answered by Keith Philip More

What types of benefits are available for workers’ compensation in California?

Under California’s workers’ compensation system, workers are eligible for several types of benefits for a work-related injury or illness. These …

Answered by Marcelo A. Dieguez

Do I need a lawyer for my California workers’ compensation claim?

Many people wonder whether it is worth it to hire an attorney to help them in their workers’ compensation claim. While there is no law that …

Answered by David S. Galperson

How do I file a workers’ compensation claim in California?

First and foremost, have you reported your injury to your employer? That’s the first thing you want to do. Your employer is then legally obligated …

Answered by Steven W. Martin

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