Answers in Texas for Wrongful Death

How do I know if I have a wrongful death case in Texas?

While the loss of a loved one impacts many people, only certain people are eligible to file a wrongful death action after a fatal accident caused by …

Answered by Charles J. Argento

What Factors Are Important In Selecting A Wrongful Death Attorney in Texas?

If your loved one has been killed in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you need to find a lawyer who has the experience, resources …

Answered by Daniel J. Christensen

What Qualities Should A Wrongful Death Lawyer In Texas Have?

The attorney you choose should be prepared to serve as both advocate and counselor during the legal process. When a loved one dies in a fatal …

Answered by Joshua A. Fogelman

Who Can Bring A Wrongful Death Claim In Texas?

Texas law allows the surviving spouse, children or parents of a deceased person to file a wrongful death claim. One of these individuals may bring …

Answered by Carl R. Knickerbocker

What does it mean that someone’s death was a “wrongful death” in Texas?

People often assume that wrongful death means that someone died in an accident. And this is true, but what many people don’t realize is that there …

Answered by Robert C. Hilliard

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