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What should I do if I was wrongfully fired from my job in Ohio?

After being wrongfully terminated from your job, the most important thing to do is to know your employment law rights. It can be tempting to talk to …

Answered by Brian D. Spitz

Is My Noncompete Agreement Enforceable In New Jersey?

At the present time there is legislation pending in New Jersey that might drastically redefine when and whether noncompetes may be upheld or …

Answered by Bruce L. Atkins

Can I Sue A Company For Wrongful Termination In California?

Discharge of an employee for an unlawful reason is a wrongful termination. The term "wrongful termination" is often used without a …

Answered by Howard Rutten

How Do You Prove Wrongful Termination In California?

Proving whether you were wrongfully terminated can be complicated. Usually, the company that fired you will use some pretext, such as supposedly poor …

Answered by Tessa King

Can I Sue For Being Fired In California?

In general, an employer can terminate your relationship at any time. However, an employer can’t terminate you based on an improper or illegal …

Answered by Raymond E. Hane, III

What damages can I recover in a wrongful termination lawsuit in California?

Before answering this question, let's first discuss what wrongful termination is. In California, most employees hold their jobs on an …

Answered by Brent S. Buchsbaum

Can I sue for Wrongful Termination in New York?

“At-will” EmployeesIn New York, most employees are considered “at-will.” This means that either the employee or the employer …

Answered by Joseph A. Fitapelli

Can I Sue A Company For Wrongful Termination In Florida?

Under Florida law, in the absence of civil service regulations for public employees, a union collective bargaining agreement or an employment …

Answered by Dana M. Gallup

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